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Why Leadership Efforts Fail

Go online, stroll through a bookstore, attend another training workshop or seminar and you will see that the topic of leadership is everywhere. We talk about it in political terms, business, sports, and tax-exempt organizations. People are captivated and confused

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Emotional Awareness – Where Are You?

Authenticity, humility, honesty, and courage are hallmark leadership traits that research has attributed to a leader’s emotional awareness. In today’s knowledge economy in which the majority of your workforce is made up of knowledge workers – those people whose jobs

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Emotional Awareness as a Key Strategy

Without emotional awareness, you cannot relate well to others or engage with them, and in fact, you are more likely to cause dissatisfaction, conflict and performance dysfunction. It’s less than 30 years since the idea of emotions having an impact

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The Emotional Dimension of Performance

Human emotions are as complex as they are varied. In a span of one day, we all experience a significant number of emotional highs and lows. An average person in a high-stress environment may experience even more. Emotions do not

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