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Connecting Behaviour to Performance

The belief that a leader’s behaviour is the key predictor to organizational performance is a radical shift in leadership thinking. To develop a performance driven culture a key element is to begin to focus not on the technical elements and

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Why Leadership Efforts Fail

Go online, stroll through a bookstore, attend another training workshop or seminar and you will see that the topic of leadership is everywhere. We talk about it in political terms, business, sports, and tax-exempt organizations. People are captivated and confused

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Three Skill Sets to Drive Your Leadership Performance

There is nothing more destructive to an organization than a leader who is out of touch. You have to remain relevant. There is no doubt our world has changed; a lot of it for the better. Our workforces have also

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Leaders other people want to follow?

Currently, there exists a knowledge gap among leaders who lack a deep understanding of the critical role they play between themselves and the behaviour strengths of their employees. People connect and engage with their leader before they connect and engage

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The Employee Engagement Roller Coaster

The climate that we work in today is getting increasingly more competitive and our organizations are more complex and ambiguous than ever before in history. Each day the markets in which we compete grow and change. In this increasingly competitive

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The Road to an Energized Workforce

The greatest single threat to the future of organizations as we know them today is the inability of leadership to energize its workforce for sustainable satisfaction and engagement. According to The Conference Board of Canada employee engagement scores have remained

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