High-Performance Behaviour

Research and personal experiences are telling us that the phenomenon of ‘re-wiring’ through the neuro-plasticity of your brain is easier than it may sound. In fact anyone with a keen self-awareness and some really good coaching can, through their conscious thought processes, change behaviour habits in three to four weeks, or even in as little of eight days.

We all know the human form is a complex chemical manufacturing plant for energy – neuro-chemical electro-magnetic energy, to be exact. The findings coming from the neuro-sciences is proving that the ‘brain-power’ needed for productivity and efficiency in today’s work environment can only be attained when we are in a state of positive emotional electro-magnetic neuro-chemical energy. In other words, the work environment needed for success in today’s complex, chaotic and every-changing organizations is one that is conducive to positive emotional energy.

Unfortunately, the very nature of today’s organizations – the complexity, the chaos, and the constant change – runs counter to creating an environment that is positive and energized. And so it is that as a leader you must learn how to look beyond the complexity, the chaos, and the change, for evidence of, and opportunity for, creating a positive experience for each and every employee.

Furthermore, the fact that ones’ ability for creating positive feelings and thoughts is dependent on one’s life experience, personal beliefs, the paradigm within which one lives, and even genetics to some extent, means that every employee will be different in their ability to stay positive and energized amid the chaos and change. Behaviour it turns out is one of the key informants to identifying what and how a person is thinking and feeling. Behaviour it turns out is, for the most part, the physical manifestation of a person’s human energy flow.

Neuroscientists looking at cognitive functioning and behaviour at the individual level have suggested, simply put:
We can assess our personal energy flow through our feelings.
Feelings such as happiness and optimism can be linked to a positive energy flow, and feelings such as anger and frustration can be linked to a negative energy flow
We can control our feelings with our thoughts.
It is through our thought process that we choose how to behave.
And the bottom line is …. the measurable result of a person’s energy flow is reflected by one’s choice of behavior.

Following are just a few of the behaviours that arise from positive human energy and are seen in high performance behaviour:
• Kindness
• Fairness
• Consistently constructive action that betters the work-life or home-life of those around you
• Focus is on present and future, not the past
• Able to set priorities and stick to task
• Lack of bitterness
• Compassionate and empathetic
• Consistently calm, rational, generous, and loving
• Self-controlled
• Enthusiastic, active, and alert
• Agent for change
• Collaborative
• High Emotional intelligence

The skill of Positive Presence skill builds capacity for all of the above and more for achieving peak performance, for building and maintaining good relationships, and for experiencing good health.


Catherine is passionate about helping organizations build enlightened leadership cultures that thrive in today’s complex, ambiguous, fast-changing and chaotic global environment, CORPORATE HARMONY’s enlightened approach to leadership and organizational development is a programmatic methodology for creating mental, emotional and social strength within organizational culture. CORPORATE HARMONY recognizes that for any organization to be successful, their people need to be healthy, happy, optimistic, engaged and satisfied with their job – a tall order in today’s era of complexity, ambiguity, bureaucracy, and lightning-fast change. The CORPORATE HARMONY MODEL™ is an innovative online technology of tested proprietary content designed to introduce and develop the skill of Positive Presence™, a mental thought model that connects human energy to human behaviour and results in positive, energized and productive workers that together create a culture of collaboration and accountability. CORPORATE HARMONY’S flagship “POSITIVE PRESENCE PROGRAM” provides the necessary information, exercises and techniques for building strong and healthy minds, while at the same time, identifies the uniqueness and importance of workplace behaviour to drive stronger, more positive relationships, and an overall increase in employee and organizational wellness. “PROJECT HEALTHCARE HARMONY” is CORPORATE HARMONY’S online health technology helping health workers create a positive and energized mindset as influential leaders, resulting in better health, increased productivity, fewer errors and a greater focus on putting their patients first who will heal faster in a caring environment of positivity and harmony. catherine.osborne@corporateharmony.ca

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