Positive Presence – a Necessary Skill for Today’s Workforce

Positive Presence is your natural ability to adjust and create a positive and energized mindset within yourself through conscious thought processes.

Your skill level for Positive Presence depends on many, many things, but mostly, it is developed through your life experiences to date, and your level of self-awareness, and to some extent, your genetics.
The field of Neuroscience is a relatively new area of scientific study that began to formally organize in the 1960’s. Since then, research coming forward about the workings of the human nervous system has exploded on a global scale, and most significantly, with the aid of neuro-imaging technology, brain research is advancing in leaps and bounds.

The findings coming forward from the neuro-sciences have huge implications for business organizations on a global scale. And in fact, these findings call for a gigantic shift in how the modern organization develops its employees, its leaders, and the overall organization, in order to succeed in today’s global knowledge-based economy.

In the knowledge-based economy it is the first time in human history that a ‘hard day’s work’ is not ‘hard’ in the physical sense, but instead it is the employee’s brain that’s being worked — it is their ‘mind,’ that is employed. That being said, for today’s organizations to succeed and thrive will depend on the ability of the collective working brain-power of their workforce to create and produce.

Research has proven that the ‘brain-power’ needed for productivity and efficiency today will only occur when we are in a state of positive emotional electro-magnetic neuro-chemical energy. In other words, the emotional state needed for productivity, efficiency, and wellness, is the same emotional state that we are in when we are joyous and happy. The research shows in fact, that the greatest risk to productivity, to work relationships, and to overall wellness in today’s workplace, is negative energy.

Building the skill of Positive Presence requires a focused self-awareness through which you learn to adjust and create a positive and energized mind set through conscious thought processes. The skill of Positive Presence is best learned through real-time on-the-job practice – as you develop a keener awareness of yourself, of others, of behavior habits, and most importantly, of human energy.


Catherine is passionate about helping organizations build enlightened leadership cultures that thrive in today’s complex, ambiguous, fast-changing and chaotic global environment, CORPORATE HARMONY’s enlightened approach to leadership and organizational development is a programmatic methodology for creating mental, emotional and social strength within organizational culture. CORPORATE HARMONY recognizes that for any organization to be successful, their people need to be healthy, happy, optimistic, engaged and satisfied with their job – a tall order in today’s era of complexity, ambiguity, bureaucracy, and lightning-fast change. The CORPORATE HARMONY MODEL™ is an innovative online technology of tested proprietary content designed to introduce and develop the skill of Positive Presence™, a mental thought model that connects human energy to human behaviour and results in positive, energized and productive workers that together create a culture of collaboration and accountability. CORPORATE HARMONY’S flagship “POSITIVE PRESENCE PROGRAM” provides the necessary information, exercises and techniques for building strong and healthy minds, while at the same time, identifies the uniqueness and importance of workplace behaviour to drive stronger, more positive relationships, and an overall increase in employee and organizational wellness. “PROJECT HEALTHCARE HARMONY” is CORPORATE HARMONY’S online health technology helping health workers create a positive and energized mindset as influential leaders, resulting in better health, increased productivity, fewer errors and a greater focus on putting their patients first who will heal faster in a caring environment of positivity and harmony. catherine.osborne@corporateharmony.ca

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