Re-wiring for Wellness

In today’s work environment where people bring their mind and the expertise together for a common goal, and where virtual meetings and social distancing are the new normal, it is particularly critical that we take the time to figure out how we can come together, face to face, to acknowledge and clarify our purpose and our connection. This coming together, whether it’s around a desk, around a board room table, by way of a huddle or a video call, is crucial for success. It is this coming together that builds trust and enables us to truly appreciate our uniqueness and celebrate our differences, particularly in terms of speech, mannerisms and behaviour.

Our brain is an extremely powerful machine to which we hold the controls. Having ‘control’ requires a keen self-awareness into our emotional energy and our behavior and thought habits. It takes anywhere from 14 days to 8 weeks to ‘re-wire’ our brain for a higher skill level . We ‘re-wire’ by continuous reading, writing and reciting of information for creating new thought and behavior habits. This re-wiring occurs via the neuroplasticity of your brain. Tell yourself often, “A learning mind is a healthy mind.”

Research and personal experiences are telling us that this phenomenon of ‘re-wiring’ is very possible even with those people who have suffered a severe concussive brain injury. In fact, an entrepreneurial colleague of mine was completely disabled by an acquired brain injury however, with disciplined and deliberate exercises and techniques she was able to re-wire her damaged brain. She did this by using both traditional and non-traditional thought techniques and mind exercises as she systematically honed her skill of generating a positive emotional energy flow … allowing the neuroplasticity of her brain to ‘rewire’ as she consciously adjusted her thoughts … relieving her from her episodes of depression, psychoses, frustration, and anxiety . She altered her level of anxiety and frustration by consciously practicing a positive thought process; She became better able to focus for greater periods of time and started making informed decisions; And she became a generally happier and more optimistic person, with a clearer mind of what she needed to do to reach her goals.

The big take-away here is the realization that the practice of positive thought is a learned skill …. Many of us (in fact, most of us…me included) do not come ‘pre-wired’ for positive thoughts …. basically, our thought-habits are the product of our life experiences to date — and the skill of what we call “Positive Presence” becomes a matter of learning how to think and then practicing how to think.

Every one of us has the ability to re-wire through the neuroplasticity of our brain, and the fact that this ability does not diminish with age is a true gift of enlightenment. Furthermore, if it is possible to re-wire a brain damaged by concussion, just imagine the opportunity there is for re-wiring your healthy brain for thoughts and actions that bring wellness and success.


Catherine is passionate about helping organizations build enlightened leadership cultures that thrive in today’s complex, ambiguous, fast-changing and chaotic global environment, CORPORATE HARMONY’s enlightened approach to leadership and organizational development is a programmatic methodology for creating mental, emotional and social strength within organizational culture. CORPORATE HARMONY recognizes that for any organization to be successful, their people need to be healthy, happy, optimistic, engaged and satisfied with their job – a tall order in today’s era of complexity, ambiguity, bureaucracy, and lightning-fast change. The CORPORATE HARMONY MODEL™ is an innovative online technology of tested proprietary content designed to introduce and develop the skill of Positive Presence™, a mental thought model that connects human energy to human behaviour and results in positive, energized and productive workers that together create a culture of collaboration and accountability. CORPORATE HARMONY’S flagship “POSITIVE PRESENCE PROGRAM” provides the necessary information, exercises and techniques for building strong and healthy minds, while at the same time, identifies the uniqueness and importance of workplace behaviour to drive stronger, more positive relationships, and an overall increase in employee and organizational wellness. “PROJECT HEALTHCARE HARMONY” is CORPORATE HARMONY’S online health technology helping health workers create a positive and energized mindset as influential leaders, resulting in better health, increased productivity, fewer errors and a greater focus on putting their patients first who will heal faster in a caring environment of positivity and harmony.

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