PROJECT HEALTHCARE HARMONY helps front line and mid-level health leaders and their staff be happier, more optimistic, and more engaged and satisfied with their job …freeing them to put their patients first as they deliver better care in innovative ways closer to home.

The Corporate Harmony Model makes the connection between human energy and workplace behaviours by …

♦  Introducing the Positive Presence mental thought model
♦  providing a common understanding, language and platform for employees to engage
♦  eliminating bad stress to increase employee agility and resilience
♦  developing Positive Presence Behaviour Competencies
♦  providing techniques and exercises from brain science & neurobiology
♦  building emotional strength within a dynamic and complex organizational system
♦  providing a deep understanding of human behaviour to equip health workers to be
collaborative change agents in an innovative health system

When health workers are positive and energized they are
healthier, more productive, make fewer errors, and they are
more focused on their patients who will heal faster in
a caring environment of positivity and harmony.