bio pic175X210Catherine has spent a lifetime acquiring education and experience around passionate and purposeful people strategy, cumulating in the launch of her company, Corporate Harmony in 2013.
Catherine excelled managing various generations of knowledge workers in today’s ever changing work environment.  Catherine took this experience, the research from the neurosciences, quantum mechanics, her project management, and developed a mindset and behaviour skill building program, “Positive Presence” for private and public sector business.
Catherine is a Certified Influential Leadership Coach and a collaborative partner with  Michael E. Frisina PhD, CEO of The Frisina Group, LLC, and Founder and Senior Research Scholar at The Center for Influential Leadership.  Catherine has substantive executive experience – Board Member of the Middlesex Health Alliance and Past Chair of Westover Treatment Centre including several private boards and committees.
Catherine’s vision for Corporate Harmony is to bring the skill of “Positive Presence” to the Canadian Healthcare sector as it becomes more complex with rapid changes over the next two decades.  Catherine is uniquely positioned to impact organizations’ productivity and long term success, with her powerful vision of bringing purpose into the people equation to promote healthy, productive and meaningful work cultures.
Catherine is author of the book:
“CORPORATE HARMONY – The Performance Link for Today’s Modern Organization”
“HEALTHCARE HARMONY – Surviving and Thriving in the Line of Fire” (soon to be released)
Catherine can be reached at: or go to our website  Catherine is available for consultation, and can be reached by 519-695-3407.

Beth professionally progressed quickly through the 25+ years selling technology. She excelled at sales as she understood the benefits and people. In 1988, her passion to understand and expand, took her to explore Neuro Linguistic Programming and it propelled her down another path. From this deeper understanding, and applying it to sales, she earned many sales awards and recognition for her over achievements.
Continuous learning was part of her lifestyle and she devoured any ‘new age energy’ books and courses — Brain Gym, Healing Touch, Self Empowerment Technology, Total Body Modification Certifications, and a licenced NLP Practitioner — and the list goes on over a decade. Leaving I.T. in 2006 she created a coaching business that was unique and revered due to her gifted understanding of the brain, how it processes positive and negative information and the devastating effects of negative neural energy on human health. Over the years Beth has helped hundreds of clients recognize the negative, and then dissolve what is creating the harmful overwhelmedness of negative thoughts and emotions,

freeing both mind and body from the harmful overwhelmedness. Leaving her clients filled with positive energy and thoughts to maintain this state in their mind and body, and both function beyond expectations.
Beth and Catherine met through a coaching client of Beth’s. Beth’s knowledge of the material within Corporate Harmony’s program was uncanny. She was coached by some of the guru’s in the program and is in synchronicity with Catherine research and beliefs. Beth had always said if there was a Business Awareness and positive modification program (that she believed in) that she could market to the executive and team leaders in the business community; she would easily promote it, and along came Corporate Harmony!
Catherine can be reached at: or go to our website  Beth is available for consultation, and can be reached by 226-678-8808.

To learn more learn more about the CORPORATE HARMONY Positive Presence Skill BuildingSM  series and the Positive Presence Behaviour CompetenciesSM   series click here.

To bring the skill of Positive Presence to managers and leaders across the public, private and social sectors.
To see individual leader behavior become one of the most important deliverables in organizational quality management.
To help organizational leadership be the best it can be.
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